Experience Hunting in Alberta


Alberta’s waterfowl hunting is exceptional as it acts as a major fall staging area for Canada Geese, Specs, Snow Geese, Mallard and Pintail.  Early in the season, this area is blessed with strong local populations of large prairie Canada geese. Then as the season progresses large numbers of Speckle-bellies, Lesser Canada Geese and a few Snow Geese move through our area. We typically hunt from stand up “A-frame” blinds Alberta’s liberal daily limit of 8 dark geese (5 of which can be Specs) makes these hunts a little sweeter, not to mention our 8 duck limit as well!


Northern Front Outfitters is located in the heart of the migration with the highest densities of breeding ducks in North America. We have great duck shooting right from the September 1st opening day through to the end of October. We typically shoot ducks while they come to feed in grain fields or on small ponds where they water before feeding. It’s not uncommon to have hundreds of ducks working the spread at once!


Hundreds of lakes & “potholes” surround our hunting region as well as barley, wheat, and pea fields allowing us the opportunity to provide you with a waterfowling experience of a lifetime. The key to our success is to have professional scouts burning backroads finding the ever-changing fields where the birds want to feed and maintaining good relationships with our local farmers. We believe we offer the best hunt possible, And running 1 group a day insures your on the “X” every morning waiting for the sunrise and the birds to start flying.


A typical hunting day is to wake early, have a light breakfast, then head off to the morning hunt. After a pleasant and enjoyable morning in the field it is back to town for a full breakfast at around 10 or 11 AM. Then our guests often relax for the midday until about 2 or 2:30 PM when they will depart for the evening hunt. Once back for the evening, we will eat a wonderful dinner from a full menu with many options of your choice.


The fall season in northern Alberta can vary from very cold to very pleasant so having both warm and cold weather camo is essential. This should include pants, jacket, hat, gloves and boots. Remember your sun glasses, camera, extra digital memory, cooler etc.