Dylan Ives

Since an early age, Dylan has spent countless hours in the field or in the marsh chasing waterfowl with his family and friends. Coming from a very pressured area of waterfowl hunting, Dylan had to adapt and learn quickly to keep up with the elite hunters in southern Ontario. His success in overcoming these challenges have created the waterfowl hunter he is today. Waking up and jumping into the boat to go chase greenheads with his father, Dylan knew early on he wanted to be a waterfowl guide. Over the last eight years Dylan has been passionate about helping other hunters to experience what it is like to be on the X for a hunt of a lifetime. Because of Dylan’s experience as a guide, putting together unforgettable trips has become the standard the guides of NFO. You will not find an outfitter that will work harder to ensure a 5-star trip.

Matt Holt

As an avid big game hunter from an early age, Matt has spent most of his life chasing wildlife in the bush. Twelve years ago, after meeting Dylan, Matt quickly realized his passion for hunting would focus on waterfowl. Spending countless hours scouting and in the field, Matt has become recognized for his ability to put together a hunt to be remembered. His outgoing and friendly nature results in great comradery and stories you will never forget, resulting as life long friends. And it is that friendly nature that allows him to make sure that NFO is on the X every hunt with access to a vast area of hunting land.